Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Queen of Australia - Diamond Jubilee

It appears that our collective Australian Governments are doing very little, if anything, about the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, The Queen of Australia. Sixty years of loyal service to her Australian Subjects will probably go unnoticed while the United Kingdom and Canada have long established plans including the issuing of commemorative medals.

Should our Australian Governments show enough intestinal fortitude in respect of this issue, they may consider putting out a small amount of taxpayers' money to refurbish the commemorative wall located at Fleet Steps and which marks the arrival of Queen Elizabeth back on 3 February 1954 for her first visit to Australia and also the first visit of a reigning Monarch.

An overall View of the commemorative wall
Sixty years of exposure to the elements has taken its toll and which now leaves the wall badly stained and creates quite an ugly presence in this prime position on the shores of Farm Cove.

Degraded Arms located on the wall face.
Much of the inscription and Arms are difficult to read because of the severe black staining of the sandstone along the top of the commemorative wall.

Nearly 60 years of exposure to the plaque has taken its toll.
The plaque in the stonework below the wall has also suffered over the 60 year period and needs urgent attention.

Perhaps a second wall on the opposite side of Fleet Steps
could be constructed to commemorate the arrival of
Australia's first Governor-General.
On 1 January 1901, Australia's First Governor General, Lord Hopetoun, arrived in Sydney Harbour on board the "Royal Arthur", the flagship of the Australian Squadron. Lord Hopetoun later came ashore and arrived at the pontoon located on the East side of Farm Cove from where he was escorted to the Landing Pavilion and given an official welcome.

Australia's first Governor-General arrives on the East side
of Farm Cove on 1 January 1901.
Accordingly, consideration should also be given to constructing an additional wall on the North side of Fleet Steps to commemorate the arrival of Australia's first Governor-General and  to mirror the wall commemorating the arrival of the Queen of Australia on her first visit to Australia. This should also be made of the same or similar materials and would provide for a balanced landscape of this historic landing point.

The only question is "Are the collective elected public servants up to the task?"

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