Thursday, 19 February 2015


Back on 31 March 2014, Judith Kerr, in an article in the Redland City Bulletin, advised that (Andrew) Laming airs republican view.

The article went on to say in part:

Andrew Laming, the member for the Federal Division of Bowman, declared that he was a republican just five days after Prime Minister Tony Abbott reinstated knights and dames into the Australian honour system.

Mr Laming said the best thing about being a republican was enjoying a steamy autumn day by the pool in Redlands while other MPs were in Canberra for the swearing in of the country's 26th Governor-General Sir Peter Cosgrove on Friday.

Sir Peter was the first man to be knighted under Mr Abbott's revived honours system.

On Tuesday, 3 February 2015 the following blog appeared on Andrew Laming's website:

Federal Member for Bowman Andrew Laming has today announced he will introduce a Private Members’ Bill, abolishing Knights and Dames from the Australian Honours System.
Mr Laming said today’s decision to make the Order of Australia Council solely responsible for honours awards, including Knighthoods and Dames, was “inadequate”.
“Today’s announcement has failed to address the concerns and feelings of the electorate at large,” Mr Laming said.
He said the bill would call for the termination of any future Australian knighthoods and dames, while retaining all current recipients of the honour.
 The bill would reaffirm the Order of Australia (OA) as the nation’s highest award, as was the case with the previous system, he said.
“I will be submitting this bill to the Selection Committee in the coming days,” Mr Laming said.
But what is Mr Laming wanting? He has said that "to make the Order of Australia Council solely responsible for honours awards was  "inadequate". Clearly, he believes that some other organisation, e.g. the Parliament, be involved.
He also seems to be confused about what the Order of Australia is. One thing it is not is an award in itself. It is an order established by Letters Patent under the Queen's sign manual. The Order consists of several levels i.e. Knight/Dame, Companion, Officer, Member and Medal of the Order. Mr Laming should also note that the Victoria Cross for Australia is the highest award in Australia's Honours system!
The recent spill of the Liberal Party on 9 February brought to light the numerous back bench republicans such as the likes of Mr Laming and his front bench republican friends  Malcolm Turnbull and Julie Bishop. Coupled with the Australia Day's honour to Prince Philip, these people, along with much of the media in complete hysteria and sounding like a bunch of squawking sulphur crested cockatoos on the fly, left much amusement for others.
On reflection, Mr Laming should consider this. At the 1999 republican referendum the constituents of the federal division for Bowman handed in a resounding 61% NO vote; additionally, there was not one Polling Place that gave a YES vote!
Maybe Mr Laming would like to reconsider his desire to submit his bill into the Parliament given that information.